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August 18, 2013
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Colossus-atrox application :: Aida E. Peszlen by Serahime-Hana Colossus-atrox application :: Aida E. Peszlen by Serahime-Hana
So... i try again :3 I hope, that they accept she >w<
I change some information~
Ahh..this group....and so much artist...TwT
I see some fantastic bio...and my is not that.. but the english not my first language...
But i hope, this will be enough TuT
:bulletpurple: I prefer a comments, note or skype rp, because i the chatroom so fast to me..and so much people here a@ If you want rp.. please ask me >w<

Name: Aida Elleonore Peslen
Squad: Millitary Police [ Scouting Legion ]
Stats:  :new: UPDATED 7 combat | 6 teamwork |  2 strategy | 7 defense | 9 agility

Gender: Female
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Age: 20
Zodiac Cancer (♋) chinese is : Monkey
Ethnicity: Mixed (XD)
Atilla Ernakh (father - Hungarian)
Tina Nicola Diederich (mother - German)
Arina Elle Rosefire (half-sister)

Aida is a calm and friendly girl, but she had a self contained, so she holding the two step distance of others. Although she protective for others, and loud about theirs things. But rather adapts. Really big wrong thing to happen to disagree with her boss. Because she empathic, quickly understood by others, and in this case vivoda its own right or of the required actions.
Sometimes, she headstrong . Of course, this not good everytime, but she try hold the temperance. Good in the Teamwork, because she know, that she can protect the others , if she collaborate others. She know, want she want... but sometimes she falters. Her sister is a only one people ,know so much things about Aida.  Arina only, that can upset her sister.
She fear of titans, and fear, that she will be a coward human without soul, but she want will more stronger as a good soldier.  This need.

|Sometimes loud|Headstrong|Thoughful|Minority complex|Book worm|Anxious|

Past story:
Aida and her little sister, Arina is a half-sisters. There father is a same person, but the mothers is different. Atilla Ernakh was a soldier, who working as a Military Police member. When the girls was child, Atilla move behind the Wall Sina. Althought his family live behind the Wall Rose. Aida live with her mother who is a taylor.  She made a lot of clothes for the soldiers ,or improvement of the common peoples dress. Aida help so much time to her mother and they can live the received money. She was a active and need the attention, so make so much thing, good or bad. Aida haven't so much friend, because she help a lot of time to her mother, but she was really enjoy the game with the other childs, but when she grow up became evasive.
When the peoples came from the Wall Maria, she see the poor and worn peoples and families.  Her mother's business deteriorated, as impoverished people. After, she and her mother move to the Trost District. There, she met so much soldier from a Statuary Guard, because, her mother working to them. Aida can learn some combat, and see some soldier. She talking so much with her sister ,they decide, that they will join the soldiers.
She want see the sky.......near.

She didn't want woking a taylor as her mother, because she looked admiringly to the soldiers. Sometimes, she and her sister, playing this, when they was young. When she was 15,  Aida want joined to the trainee, but her mother was sick, so she cant did it. She need working so hard, that she can bought the medicine.  But she not gave her dream, as the soldier, so training a little, and talking some guards about this. They notice, that she join now.
Aida want join to the Scouting Legion , of a lot of years ago... but finally she decide, that she would working and training so hard, so she can join to the Military Police. Because she learned that her father is alive...behind the Wall Sina.

> Sky and clouds
> 3D gear maneuver
> Her mother
> Arina
> Tea
> Uniform
> Animals
> Rain
> Books

< Two-faced peoples
< Death
< Snake
< Titans
< Drunk people
< Strategy
< Tomato

| Aida is a older sister, but she smaller as Arina.
| They mothers was a good friend.
| She had a orange-red short hair and some birthmarks as her father.
| Her father name is Atilla Ernakh . He give the names for his daughters.
So they have a same monograme .That is A. E. (Aida Eleonora and Arina
Elle). They had a center-european name ash her father nationality.
| She want joining to the Military when she was 15, but she can't because her mother not let and was be sick.
| Met so much Stationary Guard member, and some is a family friend.
| Shen want to join to the Scouting Legion, but finally she change her purpose.

[ Task 2 ]
- I'm not coward!
*Said Aida and viewed face-to-face her little sister. She saw, that Arina grins, after laugh so hard. Aida has gotten into the air.* - I want find our father! You don't want this ? Of course... i know, that the others think about me, that i'm a coward and liar girl, but i ....
- You are.  Because you fear of the titans... fear of the peoples and don't want the truth. *She said was so cold and contemptuous. *
*Aida clenched her fists.* - Not right! I want protected the humans, but i want find my father too! Of course i would guard the peoples, and they family......
 - Althought... you would can live in the peace...but outside the walls, lots of people die during. This is the coward thing.
- Right... i fear of the titans... but everybody fear of that monsters.....
*Aida and Arina look each other with a codly face. Althought she words had so much feeling. Anybody can't see it she thus.....  because she always calm and self-contained. But now....
- If you would be a Military Police member, i would do it. You protect me, i protect you. Of course... i would be so good for the top 10. *The red-haired girl step forward with laughs. She walked to the door, and look back to her big sister.*
- You know... i just play with you. If you want to survive... that's is not sin. You're weak....and you can't use the strategy things... but you're diligent.. 'm rooting for you.



Aida Elleonore Peszlen (C) Me
Art by Me
App for :iconcolossus-atrox:
SnK (C) Hajime Isayama
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wallistsaredumb Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  New member Student General Artist
Estella Niemcyzk would like to request an RP with Aida.

(Goddangit, Esty shut up with the prim and proper thing.)
Serahime-Hana Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Estella: Estella Niemcyzk of the Stohess division, it's a pleasure.
Serahime-Hana Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aida: Aida Elleonore Peszlen, nice to meet you. What i can help to you?
wallistsaredumb Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  New member Student General Artist
Estella: Eh, nothing much. *smiles* I'm a new recruit into the MP
Serahime-Hana Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aida: Ahh... i see... *she had a little smile* Welcome here Estella.
wallistsaredumb Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  New member Student General Artist
Thank you. I'm looking forward to serving. *smiles*
Serahime-Hana Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aida: Right. had any job, now?
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